cropped-desfull.jpgBorn with a unique disposition in life Destiny Shackleton grew up in the small city of Brantford Ontario with the love and laughter of family and many friends.

It is this disposition that has driven her to a life that is a true journey in every sense of the word. From seeking a cure to seeking advantages from a place of disadvantage, to simply level the playing field and create purpose in her life.

There is no doubt in the minds of those who know her she has the right to aim for the sky. And the thing that gives her that right is her continual quest to overcome her fears, and her disabilities.

Destiny knows that a large part her purpose is to inspire those around her as much as she has been inspired by others. Sharing her “Inspiration From the Chair” to all those who will listen and share with her.

With Passion and Love, Courage and Song, Destiny proves that having a disability is no disability at all once you learn the right words.

With special interests in public speaking, self development, learning, teaching, mediation, health, travel, acting, singing, swimming, and social networking, Destiny shares her inspirational story with the world, and expresses her hopes of being the best mom ever someday.


1983 - Destiny mickyAt my first birthday party my dad was showing off and had me sitting balanced in the palm of his hand as he raised his hand higher and higher till my head touched the ceiling. My eyes were bright and I was gasping with excitement. My dad said “you already know you’re a little actress don’t you?”

I have had a burning desire to act for as long as I can remember. I am an only child and at 3 years old when I would ride in the backseat of our car alone, I would play house and play all the roles myself. My mother said she never needed more children because with me in the backseat, the car always sounded full. After being consumed with fears and limiting beliefs about myself and what opportunities there were for me, I have with much struggle overcome them and realize now there are in fact opportunities for someone in my position and that what seemed to be disadvantages can actually be advantages. I love role-play and like most, want a life of fulfillment. I want to create something tangible and of value that I can be proud of at the end of the day. I have realized acting is my true bliss. For years I lived with dis-empowering beliefs that no one would want to use me in film, so I never pursued it. Now that I’ve overcome those limiting beliefs I want to now go out and live my dream and take a chance rather than wait and regret it for the rest of my life.

I feel that the path I’ve been on has been leading me in this direction all along. This journey has been laid with much adversity, yet through desire along with all of the personal growth programs I’ve completed, the future awaits. The experiences and training I’ve had, I feel are assets and contribute to my aspirations in the acting industry.

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